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Veganuary is not the answer

I get rather annoyed with veganuary as it typifies the lack of knowledge in food, farming and the environment.

YES, we should cut down on meat consumption and ban the intensive, factory farming of animals, especially pigs. More here

But NO, we should NOT stop eating meat that has been raised on pasture that is part of an organic mixed farm and is helping regenerate soil. If we all follow Veganuary these hard working, environmental, farmers will not have a market for their meat for a month.

We must also realise that 30% of the world’s ‘agricultural’ land cannot grow vegetables. Even our green and pleasant UK has large areas of moors and uplands. The best way to improve this land is to graze ruminant animals who convert cellulose to protein that can contribute to feeding the world. More with video here.

fried meat free, healthy?

I worry that veganism is a knee jerk reaction to climate change and stories about factory farming. As a result lots of young people are becoming unhealthy due to bad diet of less protein and more processed, high salt, high sugar, ready meals.

I was shocked recently when taken to a vegan restaurant where all the food was made to taste like, and have the same texture as, meat, with no green or healthy vegetables in sight.

What we need is an enlightened society that understands, farming and the environment to make better food buying and lifestyle choices. And why at BigBarn we are so passionate about getting food growing cooking and nutrition in all schools. Food growing because we need kids to become enthused by food and ‘hungry’ for more knowledge to share and influence families and friends.

We know this really works and welcome help from anyone interested. More here

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