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Too much ultra processed food in school meals?

Interesting article about school meals containing ultra processed foods

Hardly surprising when most kids have been eating these foods all their lives and don’t know any better.

These foods are also easy for catering staff and brilliant for the catering suppliers as they have long shelf lives and a big profit margin.

What we need is to change kid’s preferences and get them to influence their parents, families and friends.

fresh healthy home grown food

The way to do this is get food growing, cooking & nutrition in all schools all through the curriculum.

If they grow it they want to eat it. I am sure that if Jamie Oliver had got the kids to grow the food before he cooked it I bet his campaign would have been a huge success.

Growing and cooking helps kids to discover a whole new world of health for their bodies and planet. We must encourage this discovery.

Many schools have done this and others can follow. All can hit nutrition standards and within budget.

They simply need to understand and overcome the many barriers to get there.

We have identified the barriers and made videos about overcoming them here

Please join in. Use the videos to help your school or send us any that you think should be added.