Cook-Share Host

Would You Like To Share Your Love Of Food & Cooking?

If you would like to teach or demonstrate how you produce or cook local, fresh food in a healthy way, why not offer your skills to your Local Food Community

BigBarn is launching Cook-Share, the initiative to bring together foodies in your area and your community.

Register your interest in providing a food experience, tell us what you would like to offer and we will match you with a local venue who can accommodate your event.

Offer a Food Event

Whether you have unique recipes, perhaps family recipes, or just would like to show how you prepare food or meals, why not share this with others in your community.

Not everyone is comfortable in the kitchen, perhaps feel they are not adventurous enough or simply not sure what to do with local, fresh produce. Help them and help build a Local Food Community.

By submitting your details, you are not committing but simply making it known you may be able to help. Entering your details is a register of interest, so go ahead now and offer your food event.

Offer a Food Event

Food has brought people together over the ages. You can help to bring together your Local Food Community by joining Cook-Share…and of course let others know.

Find our more about Cook-Share here.