Cook-Share Venue

Become A Significant Centre Of Your Local Food Community

Can you provide cooking, teaching or demonstration facilities for local:
Chefs, cooks or artisan food product producers?

BigBarn is launching Cook-Share, the initiative to bring together foodies in your area and your community.

Offer your premises, let people know what you can provide, and we will bring together teachers and participants to learn about local food, healthy food preparation and cooking and how to engage with and develop a Local Food Community.

Offer a Food Venue

Whether you have a kitchen available or just an open space, enter a few key details and when a someone wishes to host a food event in your area, you will be matched with them.

You then liaise with the host, negotiate a ticket price for participants and share the proceeds with the host.

By submitting your details, you are not committing but simply making it known you may be able to help. Great PR for you and your venue. Offering your premises is a register of interest, so go ahead now and offer your premises.

Offer a Food Venue

Food has brought people together over the ages. You can help to bring together your Local Food Community by joining Cook-Share…and of course let others know.

Find our more about Cook-Share here.