Spring RBST near Hook, Devon Local Food Shops and Producers

There are 5 Spring Rare Breed Survival Trust (RBST) listings around Hook, Devon on BigBarn. Rare Breed Survival Trust icons are farmers, smallholders, butchers or restaurants specialising in Rare breeds of cattle, pigs, chickens, ducks horses and turkeys. These are breeds of animal that have been put in danger due to changes in farming preferences, such as fast growing and reduced fat. Very little to do with flavour and texture of the meat! As more consumers are discovering the amazing qualities of rare breeds many are being saved due to growing demand. The best way to insure this continues is to eat rare breeds and encourage farmers to breed more. If you feel there is one missing then please email [email protected]

  • Wyke Farm

    Diversified 50 acre rare breed sheep farm. Old Tom's Place at Wyke Farm caters for large gatherings (sleeps 18).Rare Breeds: Black Welsh Mountai...

    • Miscellaneous
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  • Heritage Turkeys

    The aim of Turkey Club UK is to: Conserve and promote all pure varieties of turkey. To identify and maintain breed standards. To encourage and assist...

    • Meat
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  • Hogchester

    Rare and Native breed pledger, for more information on pledging please visit https://rarebreedssurvivaltrust.rit.org.uk/sign-our-pledge

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  • The Venerable Lop

    British Lop pig producer

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  • Bramblecot

    Producer of Shetland and Greyface Dartmoor wool

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