Christmas Dairy Local Food Shops and Producers near Greenock, Inverclyde

There are 1 Christmas Dairy listings around Greenock, Inverclyde on BigBarn. Dairy includes; milk, cream, butter, cheese, yoghurt, ice cream, and egg producers. When traditional dairy farmers only get about 20p/litre through the national supply chain for their amazing, nutritious, product many have gone out of business. Those that remain have looked to add value and sell direct to local people. Watch out for you local dairy setting up a vending machine to sell raw milk direct from the farm. UK law dictates that only the producer can sell raw milk. If you feel there is one missing then please email [email protected]

  • Food in the Hood

    Food in the Hood is a mobile catering van that sells home-style, nutritious food around the schemes in Renfrewshire, as well as catering for private f...

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