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There are 2 Summer RBST listings around Sutton on Sea, Lincolnshire on BigBarn.

RBST means Rare Bred Survival Trust. They monitor the number of rare and native breeds and produce an annual Watchlist. They save genetics in the UK National Gene Bank. If a breed were to become extinct, they can use this store to revive a breed.

They save animals and promote the breeding and registration of rare and native breeds. Increased diversity enables faster development of new traits.

Native breeds provide a major contribution to our rural economy, both economic and culturally.  There are around 30,000 herds and flocks of native breeds in the UK.  Native breeds are part of our national identity and heritage.

Grazing with native breeds plays an important role in the development and maintenance of natural habitats and increasing biodiversity. Likewise genetic resistance is increasingly important for the control of animal diseases.  Saving our native breeds can help us to face as yet unknown challenges in the form of disease resistance and susceptibility, climate adaptation, food security and resilience. For more click here:

BigBarn works with the RBST by providing our local food map for their website and promoting their members on the main map via and all partner websites.

  • Hensell Native

    Breeder of native and rare breed sheep and goats

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  • The Mansion Farm

    WE ARE AN ONLINE ONLY FARM SHOP & DO NOT HAVE A PHYSICAL SHOP THAT YOU CAN VISIT. Welcome to The Mansion Farm, located in the heart of the be...

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    • Dairy
    • RBST
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