Food & Cooking post Covid19 survey

PostCOVID Survey

Has lockdown changed your attitude to food & cooking?

This survey is further to a blog about changing attitudes to food & cooking during lockdown. To read the blog article click here.

Prize draw, to win one of ten £10 spend in the BigBarn MarketPlace with any of our 600 artisan producers.

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1. How would you best describe cooking at home during lockdown?
2. If you tried new recipes where did you find them?
3. Did you bake?
4. Did lockdown cause you to buy food from new places?
5. If yes will you continue to buy food from these new places?
6. Has lockdown, extra time and possible food shortages encouraged you to Grow Your Own?
7. Has lockdown, Brexit and cheap low grade imports made you care more about where your food comes from?
8. Please tell us what influences your food buying
9. Will you use your local takeaways and restaurants as much as before lockdown?
10. Have you become a better cook and would like to share your skill?

With your permission, we would like to ask you a couple of demographic questions. Please only answer ones with which you are comfortable.

A. What is your age group?
B. May we ask your gender?
C. Do you live in a rural or urban area?

Finally, if you would be prepared to answer some follow-up questions, please add your email address here (unless already entered above). Again, our Privacy Policy applies.

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