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***All curries used in the below images have been made using our Tarka***This family recipe has been passed down from my grandma to my dad and now to us the next generation of cooks! I won't say chefs as cooking a passion not a job for us! Arriving ...

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I have lots of dietary requirements and find it hard to eat! This has changed my bland boring meals into something I look forward to having! Stuffed\'s sauce has made me fall in love with food again!! Thank you!!

Jennifer - 28 June 2020

This has everything you need! I didn’t believe it was so easy to use until I used it myself! Made some very fussy eaters happy!

Adam - 28 June 2020

OMG!! I went travelling around India and this is Indian in a pouch!! Love love love

Grace - 28 June 2020

This Tarka has saved my life on many occasions! So easy to use! It has a permanent place in my kitchen!

Arti - 28 June 2020
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