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We import our award winning teas directly from the best single estates (over 3500 ft) in Sri Lanka; 100% natural and responsibly sourced. Try the delicious Natural Earl Grey, Luxury Breakfast and Orange Pekoe. Loose leaf or in tea bags. This is tea as it should taste! You will taste the difference and be glad you spent a few pence more to get a vastly superior product.

We welcome enquiries from pubs, caterers and restaurants for bespoke supply.

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Jack's House, Hinxworth

Tel: 01462 743241


Tea, Black tea, Green tea

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"We love your tea. The Brunswick Estate has such a fresh flavour, and it is so invigorating. It is the best!"

S. Marlow - 15 November 2010

I have been extremely impressed ever since tasting your tea when you visited Bury St Edmunds at the start of the summer. Your tea is superb with an excellent taste and I have yet to find any other tea producers that can match the taste from your tea bags.

M. Houlton-Hart - 15 November 2010

"Your teas live up well to their description. The Brunswick gives a good strong brew, with a deep taste and no bitterness. The UVA is most interesting. It is delicate but full of flavour and slightly aromatic. Most enjoyable."

D. Pearce-Higgins - 15 November 2010
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