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Outdoor reared Glos Old Spot Sausage Bacon Gammon We specialise and breed Rare Breed Gloucester Old Spot Pigs which are reared naturally outside. Our ethic is to ensure that our animals have the best most natural life possible

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Rushey Hey Farm, Oak Lane
Newbold, Astburry
CW12 4RT

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We bought bacon and sausages and were very pleased with the taste. They were full of flavour and very tasty. Will definately purchase again. Its nice to taste food the way it should be.

Mick Rickard - 2 August 2010

Beautiful sausages and bacon. Just had their pork & leek sausages, just the right amount of leek to add interest. You've got to expect to pay for quality! And they are local.

Jane Holtom - 23 July 2010

Sausages good but too expensive for me tobecome a regular visitor.

Jane Vance - 10 April 2009

Traditional small farm in the country. The sausage was superb. At last a real tasty sausage. Well worth a visit

Mrs Ball - 11 February 2009

I feel too far off main road down a narrow lane. Bacon and sausages good taste, cooked well but too costly, particularly with a recession.

Irene Pimlott - 4 October 2008
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