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Family business making hand-made biscuits and cakes, using natural ingredients, with no added preservatives.  

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The Bakery, Unit 4c, Ramsden Road, Rotherwas

Tel: 01432 270177


biscuits, christmas cake, oaties, cookies, shortbread, flapjack

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Haha, no mixer for me, either. I DREAM of the day when I can have a KitchenAid. Still, I figrue it must be good for toning the upper arms, right? Cakes look delicious, by the way- I love the idea of lavender shortbread!

Riyan - 11 August 2013

At first this seems a good idea but as mentioned above, rinlcyecg plastic water bottles would seem a better idea. Trouble is they don't all get recycled. Re-using would be good but thst's not possible for hygene reasons. Boxed drinks, incl. water, do seem a good idea as most of the carton is from a renewable resource. The trouble here is that they cannot be easily recycled as its difficulty to seperate the thin lining from the card. The the new rinlcyecg schemes here in this part of the UK wll accept most things including mobile phone, spectacles and batteries but to recycle drinks cartons requires a drive of several miles to the dump where there is a bin for them along with used flourescent tubes and cfls. Not very environmental. The simple solution is to drink clean fresh water from the tap and ensure everyone has access to clean drinking water. Then there is no need for the plastic in the first place. No ones mentioned the toxins released in to water stored for long periods in plastic bottles in a warm climate!VA:F [1.9.17_1161]please wait...VA:F [1.9.17_1161](from 0 votes)

Daniela - 11 August 2013

I always make fudgy bionwres too, but they just aren't working like they used to :(Cake I have done from scratch, 1 Tbls extra flour per cup, 1 tsp less sugar per cup, 1 extra egg, and then slightly less leavening. See if it works. That is the formula I have been using for cookies too to get them thick and chewy instead of spreading thin.

Emanuelle - 11 August 2013
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