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Caurnie Soap offers the highest quality of natural skin cleansers on the market today. Since 1922, our 9 decades of experience and commitment to excellence have earned us the reputation as the best natural soap in the ...

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The Organic Herb Garden,Canal Lane
G66 1QZ

Tel: 0141 776 1218


Eczema , Psoriasis, soap , shampoo, Shower gel

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I came across your stand at the Malvern RHS show . Idecided to give it a go , after trying many other products . I must say my eczema is improving by the day . No more itching either . I am so glad that I gave it a go !!!

Marie Lorente - 12 May 2016

amazing ,the only thing that relieves my daughter,s excena, I bought a jar at a market, and then could not find you again. thank you.

sarah horsfall - 26 November 2015

A year or so ago, I bought a couple of big pots of your nettle moisturizer. It has been fine, but a bit light for my skin type. However, I have also had psoriasis on my scalp for about 5 years. Despite the best attentions of the medical and health professions, it just gets steadily worse. For some reason I recently suddenly thought 'nettles' and decided to try your moisturizer. It is still early days, but so far it's like magic. A shame you don't seem to do a shampoo.

Maureen MacGlashan - 19 November 2013

I have been looking to buy your nettle soap for ages. Do fairfull in Paisley still stock it.

jean campbell - 18 September 2013

I just love your bog myrtle hand cream. It smells fantastic and leaves my hands soft and smelling beautiful. Thank you so much for helping me find the shop selling it. Excellent customer care.

Jane Ritchie - 10 August 2013
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