Ferndene Farm Shop
New Milton

About Ferndene Farm Shop

Local fruit and veg, meats, grass fed beef, home made sausages, own free range eggs +++ Let us be your weekly shop and get real, quality, local food at a fair price and leave the supermarket to once a month, if you have to.

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Ferndene Farm Shop
Bashley Cross Road
New Milton
BH25 5SY

Tel: 01425 622 964

sausages, grass fed beef

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T.Bone steak bought a T.Bone steak at a price of £13.13 very disappointed with the amount of fat which was on it being a ex butcher myself I would have never sold it with that amount of fat on it

Roy Palmer - 13 May 2021

We live fairly locally but have had deliveries during the first lockdown as we were shielding Keida was so helpful with our orders . Love to visit the shop and called in just last week. Best Burgers ever and Pork Chops are biggest and best. It’s extravagant but love the carton of Double Cream to go with the local New Forest Strawberries. Oh and the Greeting Cards always buy one !

Brenda Martin - 11 April 2021

We were so lucky to have stumbled across these while having breakfast at the Cliffhanger Cafe in Highcliffe. Now we have discovered their source we\'re just waiting for the lifting of lockdown then we can make the 260 mile journey with a cool box then we can fill our freezer. Best sausage we\'ve ever tasted.

Gerry - 8 February 2021

There produce is great but interest in the environment seems to be zero , still giving out plastic bags , no one who shops there seems remotely inclined to take their own bag , or mesh bags for veg etc . Every time I go I want to scream at them to stop giving out plastic bags like they are sweets , I don’t understand how this is still happening . Hence I rarely shop there now . I prefer Tesco’s where I take my containers to the meat counter and they fill them , and people seem more inclined to bring there own bags because they are given out free !

Jennie Dyer - 4 February 2021

Since lockdown I feel it is really important to support our local businesses. I now shop here once a week and have become addicted to the superior taste and quality of the vegetables and fruit. We eat less meat now but will only buy it here. Try it, their produce is so much nicer than tasteless supermarket food.

Jackie - 15 November 2020
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