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CORNISH EGGS BY POST - FREE RANGE ORGANIC, GMO AND SOYA FREEFrom our small flock of traditional breed chickens - either a dozen pure white eggs or a medley of colours - browns, cream, white and occasional blues. Our chickens are fed a GMO free organic diet, with layers pellets, ...

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Gaydon House
Rame Cross
TR10 9DX

Tel: 07480 714 083

free range eggs, olives, olive oil, honey, oregano, rye, flour, mixed seed,pumpkin, spelt,

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Excellent eggs. I won’t buy from supermarkets again after eating these.

Helen Phillips - 5 June 2021

Amazing eggs! In all honesty, they\'re the best eggs I\'ve ever had. They\'re so different to supermarket eggs, and if you\'re allergic to soy or dislike the taste, these are great as they gave me no reaction at all. I actually felt great after having them! Incredible flavor and very fresh tasting. Recommend these to anyone looking for truly ethical eggs that are better for your health :).

Tima - 6 May 2021

These were the best eggs I’ve ever had! Just so fresh and creamy with a wonderful rich flavor and unlike supermarket eggs have absolutely no aftertaste. When you have these, you’ll wonder whether every “egg” you’ve eaten before it was really an egg at all. If you experience reactions to soy-fed eggs, you won’t regret trying these. I had a couple and had absolutely no reaction, in fact I felt great after having them. You can just tell from the taste of a food, how it was treated and fed throughout its life. And these eggs definitely come from some very happy hens :)

Tima - 4 May 2021

I have to admit to being amazed that you could safely send eggs through the post, but my eggs arrived in perfect condition and well packaged. The white eggs are a good size, and have beautiful deep yellow yolks and a lovely flavour. So much nicer than most supermarket eggs. I also bought some portuguese oregano which again has a fantastic flavour and brings back memories of meals eaten in Portugal. Very pleased with everything.

Sarah - 27 June 2020
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