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Our chocolate is exciting, its flavour as complex as wine or coffee.   As a botanist Adrian understood that the proper fermentation of the cocoa bean is where great chocolate flavour first begins.  Using this knowledge he selects fine tasting cocoa mass from around the world to make fabulous chocolate.   Our chocolates make delicious hot chocolate, and are ideal for cooking. Why not try making chocolate brownies using the recipe on the back of the West African pack - they are a winner!

For those with a sweeter tooth we also have a creamy rich and comforting drinking chocolate made using a wonderful natural cocoa powder from West Africa.

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Windmill Rd,
Mortimer Common

Tel: 0118 9332073


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We\'ve been having these chocolate powders for at least a couple of years...simply makes the best hot chocolate ever! A hand written note is always included in the box; a nice gesture!

Lorna - 23 November 2017

Simply the best hot chocolate anywhere. I've tried other so called premium brands but Mortimers is without doubt the most versatile, flavoursome and top quality hot chocolate out there.

Andrew Nicholson - 29 September 2016

Please can someone tell me where I can purchase this from (apart from online). My local Waitrose has stopped stocking it.

Julie Tamlyn - 9 September 2015

Glad to have rediscovered your wonderful product. I used to buy it from Waitrose to make chocolate brownies and am overjoyed to be able to start making them again.

Julie - 5 September 2015

This product makes the best brownies ever. Why have Waitrose stopped selling it?

ElizabethGray - 16 August 2015
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