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Welcome to a world of pickled egg amazingness!

Discover all the different flavour choices in our pickled hen eggs range and now you can enjoy our new Posh Bites quail eggs. If you have never tried eggs pickled before, there are smaller jars to find your favourite. Pickled egg aficionados will delight in the party sized jars ....guaranteed to get the party going! And our gift packs make the perfect present.

Rejoice in the choice–its all about the pickled egg!!

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Production EggQuarters
Unit 15, Salmon Springs Trading Estate

Tel: 01453 298 565


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  • Chutney, pickles & jellies

    Chutney, pickles & jellies

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i bought the gift set for my husband as an anniversary present, he loved them. What is also good is that they sell the picked eggs in certain shops in North Devon means that family and friends can also buy them.

Sarah Wilson - 1 August 2015

Have tried them all and the Chilli are my favourite.The longer you leave them the hotter they get.Must stock up for Christmas.Also make a great gift/stocking filler

Dave Walker - 27 September 2013

These pickled eggs are delicious. Everyone should try them. So much better than the ones you see in pubs. Fantastic they are now online.

Katrina Foote - 16 September 2013

Fab pickled eggs. Am working my way thru all the different flavours. Delicious!!

Alex-Kirsty - 15 September 2013
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