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19th April 2020: We are now getting on-top of the new situation and associated significant increases in demand for our products.We have re-opened the website for the sale of grains for home milling and hope ...

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The Windmill Mill Hill
Swaffham Prior
CB25 0JZ

Tel: 01638 741009


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We use the White ,Wholemeal & Rye for all our bread making & find consistently good results. The flavour is better than Canadian Flours & the great thing is that we produce fabulous bread from Flours produced by English Farms 10 miles away from where we live !

Andrew - 26 February 2015

Priors Flour is a joy to use & work with & produces really great results. Better than Canadian Flour & it is impressive when you realise you are using English Flour from Wheat & Rye etc grown in Hertfordshire & Cambridgeshire !.Quality is always consistent I will not use any other Flour !

Andrew - 26 February 2015

Working with this flour is a real joy. I use all types for regular sourdough baking and find the flavour is better than any other flour. Picking it up from the mill brings a smile to my face too. Highly recommended.

Meg Clarke - 19 February 2015

I;ve been using Fosters Mill flour for several years now, and find not only that it makes delicious bread, but it is consistent, which is wonderful. Highly recommend this flour.

Vanessa Kimbell - 15 February 2015

Lovely flour. We use the Wholemeal Spelt for both bread and pastry.

Gemma - 26 January 2014
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