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Caurnie Soap offers the highest quality of natural skin cleansers on the market today. Since 1922, our 9 decades of experience and commitment to excellence have earned us the reputation as the best natural soap in the area. Nettle Soap is especially caring on Eczema and Psoriasis Caurnie have decades of family experience producing skin luxury natural soaps and botanical body products

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Tuesday 10 - 12 noon

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The Organic Herb Garden,Canal Lane

Tel: 0141 776 1218


Eczema , Psoriasis, soap , shampoo,Shower gel

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i absolutely adore your bog myrtle soap. Whilst it doesn't sound as attractive as lavender nor as exotic as grapefruit, it's so fresh & feels wonderful. My favourite soap in the world! ~*~ thank you ~*~

Jennifer - 6 August 2013

I was diagnosed with Blepharitis years ago after suffering from severely itchy eyes for a long time. No tests were done, I was just told I had it and to wash my eyes several times a day. This did not help and it got steadily worse. Wearing make up was out of the question, as it had to be re-applied after each wash!! I put up with this for ages until, in desperation, I began reading on line about the different chemicals in soaps. I researched which companies made sulphate free soaps etc. and discovered the Caurnie Soaperie. I ordered the pure white soap for super sensitive skin and have not looked back since. Immediately the dreadful itch disappeared; I can safely wear (hypoallergenic)make up and my life has gone back to normal. I obviously never had what I was diagnosed with and the treatment for the condition I didn't actually have only made the situation worse. It was obviously an allergy to harmful chemicals and Caurnie Soaps don't contain any - so a win win situation for me. They delivered the same day I ordered, the staff are very friendly and so helpful. I would heartily recommend the products and the company to anyone.

jean anderson - 14 February 2013
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