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Our chocolate is exciting, its flavour as complex as wine or coffee.   As a botanist Adrian understood that the proper fermentation of the cocoa bean is where great chocolate flavour first begins.  Using ...

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Windmill Rd,
Mortimer Common

Tel: 0118 9332073


Mortimer, Ecuador, West African, 70% chocolate, hot chocolate, drinking chocolate, chocolate, cooking chocolate, chocolate drinks, cocoa mass, natural cocoa, salted caramel, dairy-free,

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  • Chocolate & confectionery

    Chocolate & confectionery
  • Kitchen good & crockery

    Kitchen good & crockery

– Producer Reviews –

I've searched high and low and no chocolate can beat this fora wonderful drink.

Cath Welford - 7 December 2013

This is simply the best chocolate powder ever. I was brought up on Rowntrees cocoa, which was marvellous, but this is better. Totally satisfying and yummy. Once tried, never forgotten!

Pauline Reid - 30 October 2013

This tastes like chocolate never tasted before.Utterly delicious and no additives! My entire family is committed to never buying anything else!

heather holmes - 1 February 2013

Do you ship to the United States?

Victoria - 10 April 2011

We live in Cornwall so thank goodness it's now available from Waitrose!

Nigel Day - 22 July 2010
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