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Our chocolate is exciting, its flavour as complex as wine or coffee.   As a botanist Adrian understood that the proper fermentation of the cocoa bean is where great chocolate flavour first begins.  Using ...

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Windmill Rd,
Mortimer Common

Tel: 0118 9332073


Mortimer, Ecuador, West African, 70% chocolate, hot chocolate, drinking chocolate, chocolate, cooking chocolate, chocolate drinks, cocoa mass, natural cocoa, salted caramel, dairy-free,

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– We Sell –

  • Chocolate & confectionery

    Chocolate & confectionery
  • Kitchen good & crockery

    Kitchen good & crockery

– Producer Reviews –

we tried the bbq fondue and dunked fresh strawberries. Put what was left in the fridge to set, and had a fantastic bar of pure chocolate the next day!! Thoroughly recommended

Louise Wood - 16 November 2009

The best chocolate drink I've had in 20 years!

Irma Shackleton - 11 November 2009

Lovely chocolate, really delicious and the brownies I made from it were all demolished by my 2 children, who said they were the best I've ever made! I'll be back to try one of the other types of chocolate! Can't wait for the rain to stop so we can try the BBQ pack too!

Wendy White - 8 July 2008
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