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Squisito (squiz-eat-oh or 'mmm in Italian) is an Italian butcher, cheese shop, deli, cookery school & wedding caterer - an award winning rural business that makes and sells local and artisan food. BBC 'Midlands Best ...

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The Old Butchers Shop
46 High Street

Tel: 01788 824123


Award Winning Local Food Hero Yelvertoft NN66LQ 2016 Nominated BBC Midlands Best Deli Italian Specialist Cheese Salami Local Meat Game Cheese Bread Italian Wedding Caterer Turkey Christmas

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– Producer Reviews –

Secret Squisito - what an absolute brilliant evening - food was truly amazing. We'll be back!

Ruth, London - 7 January 2011

Just thought I'd tell you that your recipe Salsiccia con Uva went down a treat. In fact it was excellent.

Brian, Surrey - 7 January 2011

The turkey was really, really good! But the loin of pork was absolutely fabulously delicious! The meat was brilliant but that recipe was out of this world! But you knew it would be. And, by the way, what you did to it wasn't bad either. And the chestnut sage and pancetta stuffing, well I just can't wait to try the sausages!

Brian Richards - 26 December 2010

Your sausages are amazing, truly the best Italian sausage I've tasted outside of Italy. Thank- you

Alys Fowler - 25 December 2010

By the way, the sausages were absolutely gorgeous, the boervors was astoundingly good! I will probably order them again from you!

Claire - 16 December 2010
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