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Squisito (squiz-eat-oh) is an Italian butcher, cheese shop, deli, cookery school & wedding caterer - an award winning rural business that makes and sells local and artisan food. BBC 'Midlands Best Deli' 2016, Shortlisted 2015, Northamptonshire 'Local Food Hero' 2014, BBC 'Best Street Food' Award Winner 2013, shortlisted  BBC Food & Farming Award 'Best Food Producer' 2012 etc 46 High Street, Yelvertoft, NN6 6LQ just off M1/M6/A14/A5 Call 07824 314235 email sara@squisito-deli.co.uk FREE DELIVERY OVER £75.00

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Weds 12 til 5, Thu/Fri/Sat: 10-late, Sun 10-5

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The Butchery
46 High Street

Tel: 01788 824123


Award Winning Local Food Hero Yelvertoft NN66LQ 2016 Nominated BBC Midlands Best Deli Italian Specialist Cheese Salami Local Meat Game Cheese Bread Italian Wedding Caterer Turkey Christmas

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– Producer Reviews –

Best bangers in town...a real treat

Richard - 16 March 2010

Hi Alex.....had some of your sausages last night...bliss! you may not have approved .........we ate them with mash and gravy..it was so cold!

Gill - 22 February 2010

Thanks Alex The sausages were great!

Leigh - 22 February 2010

Bloody excellent sausages! Never tasted anything like it. That recipes was good. Never tried anything like it before but we'll be trying some more from your recipe website.

Steve Howe - 18 February 2010

Many thanks for wonderful service and delicious food at our Pizza Party this week. My homemade sausage, pancetta and sweet chilli was fabulous - see you next month for more of the same!

Steve - 11 February 2010
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