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Artisanal handcrafted soap bars for the whole family Coraleen Skincare is a range of natural and organic soaps, handcrafted in small batches at Honeysuckle Cottage Farm, in Berkshire, using only the finest organic ingredients including our own distilled essential oils to ensure absolute purity, with a wonderful natural fragrance and ...

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8 Tamesis Gardens
Worcester Park

Tel: 07561405059


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Wonderful soaps Wonderful soaps, which have been incredible for my skin - particularly the Lavender one which has really helped with dry skin / eczema on my elbow. I love how thick the lather is, its become my morning treat. I love the smell of juniper and orange one too, so uplifting.

Ed - 4 January 2021

Beautiful soap , smells divine ! Packaging very nice and recyclable ! Just love this company

Caron - 4 January 2021

Coraleen soaps Firstly I loved the packaging - reminded me of mini egg cartons...and the sleeves had eye-catching designs. They would make lovely presents....especially with Christmas coming up. The soap is natural, has organic ingredients...without any harmful each time I feel like I am using something beneficial for my skin. Unlike other organic soaps I have bought in the past...these have a wonderful creamy lather and they retain their lovely perfume use after use. I have three different ones and alternate between the soaps depending on what mood I am in. My skin feels cleansed, plump and hydrated and I don\'t feel like I need to use a moisturiser afterwards....but if I do...I know my skin is nicely it\'s a good clean base to add my creams. Whilst they appear to be at a high price point as they are a premium product....the soaps do last a long time....and so are ultimately good value. To sum up...they are the best organic soaps I have tried!. I will definitely recommend these soaps to my will he sending them a link to your website.

K Kelly - 4 January 2021

I really enjoy these soaps. It works very well on my skin issues and will recommend them even if you have no skin complaints. Much attention has been paid to the product, it is originally packaged in a nice box.

Anny - 4 January 2021

Amazing soaps, really gentle on the skin and they smell INCREDIBLE. My hands have never felt so soft - something I never thought I would say mid-pandemic!

Lisa - 4 January 2021
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