🍞 Russian Borodinsky Bread (v)

Sold by: The Russian Food Company


Unit: 1

Special Diet: Vegan

πŸ† Celebrated traditional bread from Russia – made in Sheffield from a starter dough that travelled over from St. Petersburg.

βœ… A dark brown sourdough red rye bread of Russian origin.

βœ… The 4 stage pre-baking fermentation process which includes scalding (putting boiling water into the mixture) is what makes the baked bread stay fresh longer.

βœ… Lightly dense with a soft crumb, made with traditional dark rye malt & molasses – rich in the pungent flavours of coriander and caraway seeds.

❄️ A long shelf life and freezes weii. .

ℹ️ Allergens: wheat flour containing gluten

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🍞 Russian Borodinsky Bread (v)