Agrumia Limoncello Liqueur

Agrumia Limoncello Liqueur

Sold by: Agrumia


Unit: 50cl bottle

Agrumia Limoncello Liqueur is obtained from the infusion of the peels of the typical lemon of the Amalfi coast (I.G.P. “Sfusato” Amalfi lemon), this Limoncello is a fresh and tasty handmade liqueur, that can be enjoyed either alone or as an accompaniment to dessert, gelato, fruit salad or in the preparation of pastry cream and sauces.

The King of Limoncello. Not all "limoncello" are the same. And not all lemons are right for making this sublime liqueur.  Agrumia Handmade Limoncello Liqueur only with lemons from the Amalfi Coast.

Once the bottle has been opened, it should be kept in the refrigerator or freezer, together with the serving glasses. 


Hydroalcoholic infusion of lemon peel from the Amalfi Coast I.G.P. Protected Geographical Indication (lemons used 400g/litre finished product), sugar. 

Alcohol strength: 25% 

Recommended use:

After meal digestive, and a great dessert, or meditation liqueur.

Agrumia does not sell any alcoholic beverages to individuals who are not 18 years old, and by placing an order, you warrant and represent to us that you are at least 18 years of age.

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