ALL NATURAL Energising Body Oil Orange & Vanilla  100 ml

ALL NATURAL Energising Body Oil Orange & Vanilla 100 ml



Unit: 100 ml

A blend of five plant-based oils to moisturise your skin, leaving it silky smooth and scented. With essential of Orange and Vanilla
Avocado Oil provides intense moisturisation and gives skin a healthy, smooth and even tone.
Hemp Oil is rich in vitamin E, a highly potent antioxidant. A light, hypoallergenic oil which penetrates deeply to keep skin soft and supple.
Avocado Oil is nourishing and lubricating and works well for dry, itchy skin.
Jojoba Oil is much like our own skin oils (sebum) and is absorbed readily. Anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial, jojoba is beneficial to all skin types.
Ingredients: Grapeseed oil, jojoba oil, Hemp oil,Avocado oil,Olive oil, Orange and vanilla  essential oil,  
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Pour a teaspoonful into your hand and massage in. For even more intense hydration pour a few drops into the bath and apply to damp skin after.
The Body Oil comes in a recycled glass bottle, labelled in 100% recycled paper, printed with eco-friendly inks.