Sold by: Maasala Spices and Curry mixes


Unit: Serving 4 people

Special Diet: Organic, Vegetarian, Vegan, Gluten free

Aloo gobi is one of the best known of Punjabi dishes, it’s probably one of the best things that have been invented that you can do with a Cauliflower! Despite it being a simple recipe, things can easily go wrong, when I was first learning how to make it I would find that the cauliflower would get mashed or the spicy paste would get stuck to the pan. It’s worth getting right because the texture of this curry is also part of its overall experience.


All our cooking kits are an invitation to a food experience that we call ceremony.

Each recipe kit is hand-packed using sustainable materials and includes :

  • Pre-measured fresh spices and herbs [more info]
  • Step by step recipe
  • A shopping list of the ingredients not included
  • A ceremony card to help you enjoy your food as a meaningful and positive experience.


We work with suppliers who care about the environment too.

  • We work with suppliers who care about the environment too.
  • Our ingredients are organic whenever possible/
  • No plastic!
  • Compostable packaging is used for our spices & herb sachets
  • We use bio-degradable and recyclable packaging.