Apple Jams Set

Sold by: Dobzalicious Ltd


Unit: 4 x 190 ml

This Jam Set is bringing the Apple to the next level! The Set includes:
- 1 jar (190ml) of Tomato & Apple Jam
- 1 jar (190ml) of Tomato, Apple & Cinnamon
- 1 jar (190ml) of Apple Crumble Jam
- 1 jar (190ml) of Mint & Apple Jam

These unusual combinations will surprise you in the best way. They are so delicious, you will find it hard not to eat it with a spoon right out of the jar just waiting for the bread to toast in the morning. All jams go great om toast or crumpets but are also great served next to meat dishes - like the Mint & Apple Jam on a grilled lamb steak or the Tomato & Apple Jam on roast duck.

All Jams are suitable for vegetarians.

Apple Jams Set