Artisan Sausage Making at Home Wednesday 18th September 2019

Artisan Sausage Making at Home Wednesday 18th September 2019

Sold by: Squisito Deli

Special Diet: Gluten free

Learn to make gluten and allergen free fresh artisan sausages from around the world with 100% natural ingredients. HANDS-ON WORKSHOP with artisan sausage maker, qualified teacher & food producer Alex Chambers. Includes sausage history, hygiene, basic butchery, meat preparation, recipes, mincing, stuffing, linking & tying. Ideal for foodies, smallholders, chefs, gastronomes and coeliacs. Includes educational sausage breakfast and plenty of homework! For other dates and course taster just email [email protected]
The unique Artisan Sausage Making at Home Workshop is designed for keen amateurs, smallholders, butchers, chefs, coeliacs as a practical introduction to sausage making at home.
Squisito (that's squiz-eat-oh or 'exquisite' in Italian) are all qualified teachers and accredited farmers market food producers as well as shortlisted as 'Best Food Producer' in the BBC Food & Farming Awards 2012, BBC 'Midlands Best Street Food’ 2013 and BBC ‘Midland Best Deli’ 2016 amongst others. For a change ours actually is the voice of experience since we work and teach.
Unlike other courses, Squisito workshops are practical and educational so you will be tasting, making and learning the functional skills of recipe formulation and sausage making so you can assess recipes or products you collect to pass your skills on to your friends and family.
Workshop students assemble from 09:30 for 10:00am start and the workshop finishes between 5:30 and 6:00pm. Workshop size; maximum 5 students since practical workshops require individual tuition! An educational breakfast with sausages is served once students are assembled. If you have any allergies, dietary or other requirements just let Alex know by email to [email protected]
The workshop is set around a 'kitchen table' in a modernised Victorian butchers workshop so students can learn that award winning results by modern standards are achievable in your own home without sophisticated professional equipment or modern preservatives in the way of our forefathers. Although the methods may be 2,000 years old, the science of sausage making is just as good today - the only difference is that our food is not driven by the profit motive but guided by taste and quality.
The workshop is a 'working day' as well as an educational and entertaining day so a good night's sleep and work boots or walking shoes are highly recommended since you will be on your feet a lot of the time. Victorian shops were designed to be fridges before the age of electricity or refrigeration so dress appropriately in Winter!
The workshop begins with discussion of recipe formulation together with a practical sausage tasting followed by basic microbiology and sausage making hygiene. We then move onto the practical side of meat, skins or not, equipment and cutting down pork and/or beef or game before moving on to mincing and recipe formulation (gluten free unless otherwise requested). Students then get to choose a few recipes before mixing their sausage meat. We then move on to show-and-tell before you start making under supervision before going solo.
By the end of the afternoon students can make their own sausages and analyse and modify other people's recipes knowledgeably. In addition, students get to take home a couple of kilos or more of their own sausages to cook at home which makes the workshop good value. At Home workshops are £175.00 per person including meat and materials.
What students take home in product reinforces the learning and there are comprehensive workshop notes with recipes and hyperlinks for reinforcement and self-tuition! Our student's reviews speak for themselves. See website.
All you the student needs is a good size cold bag or similar to put your produce in and a good night's sleep since you will be on your feet for a lot of the day.
Please don’t buy expensive mincers or equipment in advance - a little peasant know-how goes a long way!
Tailored workshops at home or EHO approved venues like pubs, corporate kitchens, farms or village halls available by arrangement. For recipes and excerpts from workshop notes email [email protected]
Professional workshops with HACCP are tailored to suit the student or business including smallholders wanting to do farmers markets and online, shoots and game dealers, venison producers looking to butcher and retail, would be salami and Parma ham makers, Halal and EHOs, TV chefs etc etc. Professional days are working days so they need planning your end to do the homework(!) Days are therefore scheduled to suit.
Professional workshops are generally £350.00 for the first student per day and £175.00 per person thereafter plus travel depending on the brief and meats and equipment necessary.
Artisan Sausage Making at Home is the foundation for Curing & Smoking at Home and prerequisite for the Corso Salumi in Tuscany or Mortdadella Fatta in Lombardia.
If you have any questions just call Alex direct on 07544 428 165 email [email protected]

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