Banana Ketchup, Organic

Banana Ketchup, Organic

Sold by: Camphill Village Trust


Unit: 330ml Bottle

Special Diet: Vegetarian, Organic

The appearance of this chutney is very is surprisingly fruity, tasty and spicy all in the same mouthful.

We made this with BBQ's in mind but it goes well with vegetarian dishes in particular falafels at any time of the year. It suits curries and spiced food very well too. Perk up your food with this fruity ketchup.

The origins of the recipe are based on a Filipino recipe as a substitute for a tomato ketchup...

330ml Bottle.

Contains no artificial anything, so once opened store in the fridge. Settling may occur and is not a problem so simply give a shake and all is well.

We aim to preserve the freshness of the fruit so that you can enjoy our high quality products.

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