Bloater - Oak Smoked Whole Herring

Bloater - Oak Smoked Whole Herring

Sold by: Waveney Valley Smokehouse


Unit: 4 X 400g Individually Packed

Special Diet: Organic

Bloaters seem to be enjoying something of a rennaisance at the moment. Our Cold Smoked Whole Herring are selected from the largets 400g + fish and cured in mineral salt. They are then slowly smoked over Oak in traditional Lowestoft brick kilns. After chilling we individually vacuum pack and label them before shipment. Vacuum Packing not only extends the life of the product but keeps the smoked favour locked in. We supply 4 fish individuall packed which you can use of freeze as requred

People who like Bloaters know how to cook them but generally they are gutted carefully and then grilled with a little butter for that unique Herring experience that is the humble bloater.

Allergens: FISH