Classic Kraut (Sauerkraut)

Sold by: Belle & Herbs

Special Diet: Vegan

Our naturally slow fermented sauerkraut has a gently sour and mildly salty vegetal flavour and crunchy texture. It is packed full of gut friendly lactic acid bacteria and pre/pro-biotics. As it is mild in flavour, it is very versatile, and adds the transformative sour flavour for perfect flavour balance in your dishes.  Our favourite ways to enjoy it: as a ‘straight from the jar’ side dish, a ‘help yourself’ bowl on your dinner table makes a great addition to most meals, chop into a salsa, add crunch and flavour to a burrito, taco, sandwich or wrap, add to a burger or toss through a salad. The juice makes a great salad dressing base liquid.

Ingredients: white cabbage, carrot, sea salt.

Allergens: none

Nutrition: Typical values per 100g: Calories 37cal, Energy 154kj, Carbs 7g, Salt 1.3g, Protein 1.8g , Fat 0g, Fibre 3.5g

Weight 315, 1kg & 2.1kg

Classic Kraut (Sauerkraut)