Curtice Brothers Double Award Winning Organic Ketchup 6 pack

Curtice Brothers Double Award Winning Organic Ketchup 6 pack

Sold by: Curtice Brothers Co


Unit: 6 X 270ml

Special Diet: Gluten free, Vegan, Vegetarian, Organic

- 🍀 HEALTHY: certified organic quality, vegan, no additives, 50% less salt and sugar.
- 🔥 FULL OF FLAVOUR: season a hearty meal - whether it's meat or vegetarian - with a ketchup, in which you can still taste the fresh tomatoes.
- ⭐️ EXQUISITE: traditionally cooked from fresh Tuscan tomatoes. Filled in environmentally friendly glass bottle.
- 🥇 DISTINGUISHED: for its refreshing aroma and natural texture awarded with the Great Taste Award 2018 and 2019.
Organic ketchup cooked with fresh tomatoes
The Curtice Brothers cook organic ketchup with fresh tomatoes - not concentrate.
The gentle cooking process preserves the unique aromas of the tomato, which means that our ketchup can largely do without flavour-enhancing sugar and salt.
All ingredients are sourced from local Tuscan farms where a great respect for nature and tradition is still evident, and fundamental to provident farming without the need for chemicals.
You can literally smell the Tuscan summer and taste the fresh tomatoes that grow in the sun-drenched fields of the Tuscan Riviera.
Several distinctions
The Curtice Brothers Organic Ketchup won the prestigious Great Taste Award for the second year running. A jury of 500 experts, including leading chefs, journalists and restaurateurs, taste thousands of submissions each year in London and select only the best in their class. The jurors of the Great Taste Awards praised the Curtice Brothers Organic Ketchup to be:
- "A ketchup with a rich tomato colour and a beautiful aroma. The flavour is sweet with lots of fresh tomato, and the texture is smooth and light."
- "A very passata-like ketchup. Honest and not full of sweet gloopiness - this is full of tomato flavour."
- "A great colour and wonderful tomato aroma. Very pleasing, clear tomato flavours, bright, saliva inducing acidity and a very clean, delightful finish. If only all tomato ketchups were so bright, clear, delightful and wholesome!!
A brand refreshed
The Curtice Brothers company was founded by Edgar and Simeon Curtice in 1868 in Rochester, New York. The two brothers launched the production of their tomato ketchup from their small grocery store and soon expanded successfully across America.
During their travels, a couple of friends noticed a lack of alternatives to bland industrial ketchup and decided in 2014 to revive the historic Curtice Brothers brand. By carefully selecting and preparing fresh ingredients, they finally succeeded in redefining the bar for ketchup.
Curtice Brothers.

Only fresh tomatoes.