Date Powder

Date Powder

Sold by: My Dates


Unit: 500g pack

This Date Paste is made from 100% natural dates outsourced from a reputable supplier who has been certified for producing premium quality dates. We have worked diligently to retain the organic nature of Aseel dates during production, we are proud to say that the final product remains vitally nutritious, rich, and delicious. MyDates is a healthier alternative to sugar and other sweeteners, making it suitable for the entire family from cradle to grave Benefits: MyDates is fat-free, high in fiber, boost energy, promote healthy bones, enhance immunity, assist digestion, improve metabolism, act as an antioxidant that aids weight loss among others. How to Use Dates: Add to porridge, cereals, cakes, bakery, pastries, natural yogurt, smoothies, and more. Please do not use sugar while consuming MyDates as this could forfeit the full benefits