Dried Black Goji Berry

Dried Black Goji Berry

Sold by: Yi Cha


Unit: 30g

Black Goji Berry is known to have magnificent antioxidant capacities and a strong nutrient profile to help relieve stress and promote healthy skin. This is because it is the richest known plant source of OPC (Oligomeric Proanthocyanidin) which helps eliminate toxins.

The black goji is more healthful and potent than the more widely known red goji, and the flavor sweeter. The inky is exceptionally high in antioxidants and boosts the immune system and improves circulation. Thanks to their ability to fight free radicals, they have been hailed as a food to promote healthy, graceful aging. The potent berries create an outstanding blue color when steeped or added to foods. Steep the berries into a beautiful blue tea, or adding a few drops of lemon will turn the tea a lovely pink color.
The high-quality black Goji Berry at Yi Cha is from North West of China-Xinjiang Province. It was wildly grown and dried naturally.
Every time when you drink it, just put around 5-7 berries per cup and let steep for 3-4 minutes. Your cup of tea will begin to turn blue within a minute. If you would like your blue tea to change color, then simply add a drop of lemon or lime juice to your drink, and it'll magically turn pink.
Our black goji berries can also be chewed directly, put into cereal for a healthy breakfast, or baked into bread or muffin.