Elderflower & Yuzu CBD Drink

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Unit: 6 x 250ml cans

Experience the uplifting zing of Yuzu and Elderflower during a hazy afternoon. No artificial ingredients, no added sugar, only 33 calories and 100% vegan.
Elderflower & Yuzu: Sparkling Water, Grape Juice, Natural Flavours (Yuzu and Elderflower, Cannabis Extract), Citric Acid, CBD Isolate 30mg, Natural colour(Concentrate of Carrot, Safflower and Apple), Vitamin D 5mcg.

Anti-stress, anti-inflammation, super natural plant power. 0% THC (so none of the psychoactive stuff).
Vitamin D
The sunshine vitamin. Boosts immunity, lowers blood pressure. Makes you more attractive than a fake tan.
Natural flavours
All natural, 100% vegan and sustainable. More importantly, it makes it taste good.
Sparkling water
Drink more water. You don’t need us to tell you that.

Elderflower & Yuzu CBD Drink