English Breakfast Gold – Loose Leaf

Sold by: CHASH The Fine Tea Co

“The English Breakfast is now a staple of my tea collection” ~ Carolyn, Switzerland

“It’s the best tea I’ve ever had; My boyfriend dreams about your English Breakfast!” ~ Rosa, Huddersfield

To be the best English Tea Company, you’d best start with the best English Breakfast!

So it is quite fitting that our English Breakfast Gold has won a Gold Star at the Great Taste Awards this year!

When we started sourcing, none of the (countless!) teas offered to us quite matched what we were looking for. So instead we created our own secret blend.

The result is our own English Breakfast Gold, a Breakfast tea of sophistication.

The tea is brisk and incredibly smooth. It starts out a touch spicy and then sweet. Nuanced, delicate and more refreshing.

Best enjoyed without milk.

A Breakfast Tea beyond comparison.


ORIGIN – India, China, Sri Lanka

HOW IS IT MADE – Picked-Withered-Rolled-Oxidised-Baked-Dried


AROMA – Fruity, Sweet and Light

TASTE – Smooth, a touch spicy and then sweet on the finish

HEALTH BENEFITS – Antioxidants. Studies indicate Black Tea boosts concentration and cardiovascular health, helps with inflammation


WHEN IS IT BEST – Morning and Afternoon

WHAT MAKES IT LUXURY – Our own secret blend

"Truly delicious : refreshing, light and smooth. To make it a stiffer drink we sometimes blend with CHASH's ‘Cuppa’ for the best of both worlds. Thanks CHASH, these times need great teas!" - Joanna, Sussex

English Breakfast Gold – Loose Leaf