Artisan Curing & Smoking at Home Wednesday 8th May 2019

Artisan Curing & Smoking at Home Wednesday 8th May 2019

Sold by: Squisito Deli

Special Diet: Gluten free

The unique Squisito Artisan Curing & Smoking at Home workshop is designed for keen amateurs, butchers, chefs, coeliacs and as a practical introduction to curing and preservation at home.

Squisito (that's squiz-eat-oh or 'exquisite' in Italian before you ask) are all qualified teachers and accredited farmers market food producers as well as shortlisted as 'Best Food Producer' in the BBC Food & Farming Awards 2012 and Northamptonshire 'Local Food Hero' Finalists this year amongst others. For a change ours actually is the voice of experience since we work and teach.

Unlike other courses Squisito workshops are practical and educational so you will be tasting, making plus learning the science and functional skills of curing and smoking as a means of preservation to gain a compass to work by so you can assess recipes or products they collect to pass your skills on to your friends and family.

Hands-on workshops here at The Old Butchers Shop are for just 1-5 students since hands-on teaching is slower than demonstration although we can teach larger numbers by arrangement using AV equipment at a local catering school.

At Home workshops are £175.00 per person including meat, fish, game and whatever in season since you get to take home what you make as homework. If you do the math it makes the workshop good value.

Workshops start at 09:30 for 10:00am and usually finish between 5:30 and 6:00pm. Educational breakfast is followed by basic bacteriology or 'how curing and smoking actually works' so students gain diagnostic skills and not just recipes. If you have any allergies, dietary or other requirements just email [email protected]

Students then learn to make a brine to cure a ham or salt beef, cure gravad lax, cure salt beef or lamb to make pastrami or basterma, butcher and make pancetta (aka dry cure bacon), souse mackerel or trout, butcher and cure biltong or smoke cod's roe (if available fresh), then bake a cured ham and make n'duja (spicy smoked semi-dried Calabrian sausage) or frankfurters for smoking e.g. from dried to wet cured for either cooking, further dehyrating and/or smoking.

The workshop doesn't include hot smoking since that’s ‘cooking’ and flavouring whilst smoking for preservation is cold smoking or, more correctly, 'ambient smoking' (of which more in the workshop) which is a chemical process. If you're unsure of the difference this workshop is designed for you.

Students get to take-what-they-make as homework and there are comprehensive workshop notes with recipes and hyperlinks for reinforcement and self-tuition! Our student's reviews (and sometimes businesses) speak for themselves.

All you need as a student is a good size cold bag to carry your homework in and a good night's sleep since you will be on your feet for a lot of the day. It is a working day as well as an educational and entertaining day so a good night's sleep and work boots or walking shoes are recommended since you will be on your feet a lot of the time. Victorian shops were designed to be fridges before the age of electricity or refrigeration so dress appropriately in Winter!

Please don’t buy expensive smokers or equipment in advance - a little peasant know-how goes a long way!

Tailored workshops or professional workshops with HACCP at home, on farm or EHO approved venues like pubs, corporate kitchens or village halls are available by arrangement. For recipes and excerpts from workshop notes visit

Artisan Curing & Smoking at Home and Artisan Sausage Making at Home is the prerequisite for the Advanced Salumi Course in Tuscany or Advanced Salumi Course (Mortadella) Bologna-Parma.

If you have any questions just call Alex direct on 07544 428 165 email [email protected]

As a small family business Squisito reserve the right to alter course dates if circumstances or weather dictate. Refunds cannot be given once booked but Squisito will make every effort to arrange alternative workshop date.

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