Fermented 'Extra Fire' Hot (chili) Sauce

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Unit: 150ml

Special Diet: No allergens, Gluten free, Vegan, Vegetarian

Our Hot Sauce (chili sauce) is ‘raw, live and unpasteurised’. Its quite a different proposition to a cooked chili sauce. We make it by fermenting the individual ingredients to the point of individual perfection of acidity, flavour and texture. We then puree, blending and sieve to a smooth perfection. In a fermented sauce (as opposed to a cooked sauce) it is said the flavour of the ingredients are more evident and vibrant, and the heat of the chili is lessened. We add two types of chilli, (scotch bonnet and cayenne), fermented red capsicum peppers, garlic and lacto fermented vine tomatoes for umami. In the ‘Extra Fire’ version, we add more Scotch Bonnet chillis to boost the heat level to seriously hot!

This sauce is very hot

Ingredients: scotch bonnet chilli, cayenne chilli, red capsicum peppers, tomato, garlic, homemade plum vinegar (plums), salt

No allergens

Available in 150 ml sizes at present

Fermented 'Extra Fire' Hot (chili) Sauce