Festival 8 x Box Selection - Great for Charity Events!

Sold by: The Real Cider Company


Unit: 8 x 20L Boxes

A mouth watering adventure of 8 delicious real ciders and perries, hand-crafted in the traditional way, from fresh pressed ciders apples or perry pears.

This range of 8 ciders / perries is great for taking refreshment to the next level at a small to medium sized festival:-

2x Traditional Real Ciders including Rasputin a higher quality, traditional real cider 8%
1x Traditional Perry - Crackin' Pear Perry - Pear Cider 
3x Combos (ie real cider+natural fruit flavours) 2 x Fruit berry cider & Apple & Mango fruit cider 
1x Perry combo Crackin Pear & Elderflower 

1x Admiral's Rum Admirals Rum Flavoured Cider 

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Product Highlights

Typically 5 Star customer rated ciders
No bright colours or artificial sweeteners
Nicely balanced ciders - not too sweet!
Low / Nil Sulphites
Box size 20L / 35 pints
Simply place on a bar / table to dispense
Store refrigerated at 5-10C.
Dispensing taps included

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Price includes FREE DELIVERY to your door

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Festival 8 x Box Selection - Great for Charity Events!