Flapjack Boxes

Flapjack Boxes

Sold by: Send Me Cakes


Unit: 1 box

Tuck into one of our flapjack boxes for chewy, buttery, oaty deliciousness. Ours are just how they should be: soft in the centre and crispy round the edges, If you can’t resist a sweet treat, but want a health bonus then always choose a flapjack. Oats are the main ingredient of ours and oats have been proven to be good carbs: they’re wholegrain, they lower cholesterol and will make you feel fuller for longer.
Wheat free diet? Our flapjacks are always wheat free and hand made from British butter, sugar, syrup and British oats.
Bursting with flavour and letterbox-friendly so nobody has to wait in for the postie.
Choose from (please add your selection at checkout)
Traditional Buttery
Old Fashioned Treacle
Salty Peanut

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