Fog Green - Loose Leaf

Sold by: CHASH The Fine Tea Co

“Loved my morning Fog Green, such a welcome surprise… I’ve missed #bettertea” – Hannah, Lancashire

“Very fresh and delicate, I have had some heavier green teas recently but this was a lot nicer” – Ben, Stokes Tea & Coffee

Fog is our most popular green tea. It won a Gold Star at the Great Taste Awards this year.

This is a hand-picked Green Tea from Xuefeng Mountain in Hunan. Each Spring farmer Fuliang Jiang picks the middle and small leaf tea from the tea garden. The garden is located in Bao Tian Village, at 800m on Xuefeng Mountain.

To prepare this tea the leaf is roasted until water content is reduced to 5%~6%.

The humid climate and ‘wind around the clouds’ create the condition that allows these wonderfully mellow leaves to emerge (and also is why this tea is named ‘Fog’).


ORIGIN – Huitong, Hunan, China

HOW IS IT MADE – Picked-Withering-Fixed-Dried


AROMA – Sweet and Gentle

TASTE – Rich, captivating and surprisingly sweet

HEALTH BENEFITS – Anti-aging. Studies indicate Green Tea helps fight cancer and diabetes and is an aid to weight loss


WHEN IS IT BEST – Late Morning and Afternoon

WHAT MAKES IT LUXURY – Hand-picked by farmer Fuliang Jiang

Fog Green - Loose Leaf