Franchi Eden Project Basil Tigullio of Portofino

Franchi Eden Project Basil Tigullio of Portofino

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Unit: 1

Special Diet: No allergens, Gluten free, Vegan, Vegetarian

Basil ‘Classico Tigullio’ - Ocimum basilicum Also Ideal for Indoor Gardening Systems
This is true Ligurian basil from near Portofino, Italy. It is highly perfumed, and traditionally used to make pesto Genovese which is served with trofie pasta, or eaten simply on warm, artisan bread. All the ingredients for making pesto Genovese are found in the Liguria area: pine nuts from the alpine forests, olive oil from the terraced olive groves, and pecorino or parmesan cheese from nearby regions.

Annual: Sow in seed compost in pots in spring and late summer and when the seedlings need more room plant out into larger pots or outside. Once the risk of frost has passed, the seeds can be sown straight into the ground – but allow extra for the slugs, snails and rabbits! Tip: Ground-grown basil is more aromatic than pot grown, which tends to dry out easily and use up all the nutrients.

Approximate seeds Quantity: @6000
Brand: Franchi Seeds
Weight: 10

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