Franchi - Eden Project Dwarf French Bean Ferrari

Franchi - Eden Project Dwarf French Bean Ferrari

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Green French Bean ‘Ferrari’ - Phaseolus vulgaris
This early variety of French bean is a fast grower, hence the name! It is stringless, tender, juicy and nutritious, and matures over a short period, making it one of the best varieties on the market for freezing if you grow more than you can eat. Delicious in a traditional cornetti bean salad – steam (in the pods) until tender, then dress while still warm with a vinaigrette. Add fried pancetta for a full protein extraveganza.

Annual: Sow 2cm deep, from April to July in modules to transplant outside after risk of frost has past or sow directly outside from May when the garden has warmed up in well-prepared soil containing generous amounts of compost. No need for staking. Keep a close eye and pick those tender beans young. The more you pick the more will grow.

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