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Foragers Table - Oyster Mushroom Growing Kits (Gold).
This listing is for one Foragers Table Gold Oyster Gourmet Mushroom ‘Ready To Grow’ Kit. All you need for your kit to thrive is included in the box: ‘Ready To Grow’ mushroom block, easy to read comprehensive instructions, including a ‘Hints & Tips’ section, and your very own FREE spray bottle to water your mushrooms.

Here at Foragers Table, we love our mushrooms and want to bring this growing experience to your home with our Gourmet Mushroom Kits. In as little as 14 days you could be harvesting your very own organically homegrown Oyster mushrooms. Grown on our specially selected substrate that we have developed for the finest and largest gourmet Oyster mushrooms, this kit can produce up to 4 flushes. Unlike other mushroom kits, our substrate is not coffee grounds and straw but instead a sterilized blend developed by Foragers Table that your mushrooms will love, with the finest, freshest mushroom spawn all mixed together with mineral full water from our very own sandstone well.

These kits are great as a gift, if you’re a lover of growing your own organic food, for educating your kids or just for the love of mushrooms.
Gold Oyster Mushroom Qualities: Decorative species, slight milder taste, rapid production.
Gold Oyster Mushroom Characteristics: Easy-to-grow Oyster mushroom. Due to their funnel-like shape and yellow colour they may remind you of Cantharells. Tightly clustered fruit bodies (4- 7 cm diam.) are gathered centrally or ex-centrically on a thin stem. For a maximum storage capacity they need to be harvested before the full development of the cap sides.

Eating Oyster mushrooms can promote a healthy heart, support a better immune function and improve metabolic health, it may also lower cholesterol and reduce your risk of cancer.
If you have any questions now, or during the growing process, feel free to contact us on here or through our social media - Facebook: @foragerstablefoods and Instagram: @foragerstable

Dispatched with Royal Mail 48 or collection. Please note we may not dispatch your kit the same day you order. Our kits are carefully prepared and fully colonized before we dispatch them.  If you need your kit for a certain date please do let us know and we will try our best to accommodate this. For the best results and highest yield please ensure you begin your kit by the ‘use by’ date on the bottom of the bag.

Gold Oyster Mushroom Growing Kits - Foragers Table