Hereford Stack Wedding Cheese Cake

Sold by: Mousetrap Cheese Shop


Unit: 1 cake

This cheese wedding cake is a lovely selection, of a Little Hereford, Cornish Yarg, Cashel Blue, Finn and Dorstone.  At 7.6kg it would feed 70 - 140 people and costs only £153.00.  I would add a Cenarth brie to serve on the side for an extra £18 to give your guests a soft option too and an extra 1.1kg of cheese, making it suitable for 80 - 150 guests.

Little Hereford: This is a gentle hard cheese handmade at the local dairy at Monkland.  Little Hereford has a creamy texture and good lingering flavour.4kg or over. 23cm x 8cm.  Unpasteurised, Cow's Milk.

Cornish Yarg: This is a semi-hard, fresh tasting and zesty cheese covered in nettle leaves. It's name derives from the name of the family who produce it spelt backwards.  The one on this stack weighs about 1.7kg and is 18cm x 9cm. Pasteurised, Cow's milk and Vegetarian

Cashel Blue: Lovely rich soft and creamy blue from Country Tipperary, Ireland.  Full flavoured and delicious.  Weighing in at 1.2kg, it's 13cm x 9cm high. Pasteurised, Cow's milk, Vegetarian.

Finn: A mature, double cream cheese made up the road at Neal's Yard Creamery, Dorstone.  It has a firm texture with a fresh creamy acidity.  Weighing about 200g, they are 9cm wide by 4cm.  Unpasteurised, cow's milk

Dorstone:  A wonderfully smooth ashed goats cheese from the Neals Yard Creamery. Named after the Herefordshire village near where the cheese is made.  Cut open the slightly funky looking exterior and you'll be presented with gorgeous, soft, pure white moosey goats cheese yummyness.  It's a great topper to a wedding stack and looks amazing on any cheese board.  Unpasteurised, goat's milk.

For a wedding stack we recommend 50 - 100g per person, depending if the cheese is to be eaten straight after the meal or later in the evening and with other food or by itself.  We can very happily advise over email so drop us a line on [email protected] for ideas for a bespoke cheese board for your wedding or event.  We ask for at least a weeks notice for a wedding stack, if you want to guarentee your selection, give us three weeks, that way we can make sure your soft cheeses are ripened to perfection (but the longer the better as far as we're concerned!!).  We only send the cheese, any decorations will need to be sourced elsewhere (if you google wedding cake bunting there's loads of options just like the ones shown in the picture). Delivery costs £8.45 and is added at the check out, or you can select to pick it up in one of our shops.

Hereford Stack Wedding Cheese Cake