Hot Smoked Buckling (Herring X3)

Hot Smoked Buckling (Herring X3)

Sold by: Waveney Valley Smokehouse

Special Diet: Organic

Hot Smoked Buckling 3 X 300g Fish

Buckiling is a local delcacy and one which is becoming more and more popular. We hand pick the Herring and cut the head off, we then gut the fish but leave the roe / milt in place. We then hot smoke the whole Herring using Norfolk Oak to give the product a wondeful slow smokey cook. 

We individually pack the product after chilling and ship it out to our discerning customers.

These products are prepared to order so please allow a few days for delivery.

The fish is a product that has bones in.. (otherwise it would be a worm)

Allergens : FISH