Hot Smoked Salmon Whole Side 1.2 Kg

Hot Smoked Salmon Whole Side 1.2 Kg

Sold by: Waveney Valley Smokehouse


Unit: 1 K Vacuum packed on board

Hot Smoked Salmon Whole Side Natural Undyed 1 Kg Vac Packed 

Popular with pretty much everyone (who likes fish) Whole sides of hot smoked Salmon are full of flavour and delicious Oils and are an impressive meal in seconds. Family gatherings, parties and cooking for guests this is a great choice for simple fast, flavour packed food. Supplied in a vacuum sealed pack on a gold board, it is possible to simlpy remove the outer packing and use straight away. You can warm it through or serve it cold with popular & seasonal vegetables such as new potatoes or asparagus but always worth a squeeze of Lemon or Lime or a light Mayo. The choice is yours but you can rest assured that you and your guests will enjoy in equal measure.

Dont forget we have a range of Hot smoked Salmon Portions if the whole side is too much...