Italian San Marzano tomato's passata, Slow food

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Unit: 380ml bottle

Special Diet: No allergens

tomatoes, basil, salt

Until 30 years ago, the land suitable for growing vegetables around Naples and in the Sarnese-Nocerino countryside in the province of Salerno was almost entirely planted with San Marzano tomatoes. These delicate fruits have a thin skin and low acidity and keep their flavor for a long time, even when preserved. However, they must be handled with care. Because of the high cost of growing San Marzanos, they have mostly been replaced with more productive and resistant hybrids, whose cultivation can be mechanized but whose quality is inferior.

Fresh tomatoes are harvested from July until the end of September, but the preserves area available throughout the year.

Many of this tomato’s historical ecotypes were recovered in the mid-1990s by researchers funded by the Campania Regional Authority. Around 30 ecotypes were selected, all with good quality characteristics and an aptitude for cultivation in the field. The Presidium has revived the production of these Neapolitan heirloom tomatoes, and now its members produce not only fresh tomatoes but also canned tomatoes, passata and other traditional preserves.

Italian San Marzano tomato's passata, Slow food